Grillo Climber 7.18

Safe Mowing on Steep Slopes
The Climber 7.18 (upgraded from earlier model Climber 7.16) is generally used on medium sized blocks up to 3 - 4 acres and where the terrain underfoot is smoother and therefore the machine can be a lighter build than the heavier 9 series models which suit rougher, tougher applications.
This machine has a 34" (85cm) cutting width and an 18HP V-Twin cylinder engine. 

The Climber 7.18 will tackle terrain and long grass that other mowers can't cope with and allow you to mow safely in damp and slippery conditions.
With plenty of engine power travelling up and down steep slopes is easy even while mowing long grass.

CL7.18 has a hydrostatic gearbox which uses hydraulic oil to provide the motive link between the engine and the wheels - all controlled by a simple hand lever.

The CL7.18 has dependable front brakes not available on other machines which allow you to brake the mower when mowing downhill and increases safety in case of emergency stopping. 

Differential locking increases traction by engaging both drive wheels simultaneously when slipping occurs.  This allows the Climber to mow when slippery or dry and over rough terrain where other mowers struggle.

If you have a big block and need a heavier duty machine, see the next model up - the Grillo Climber 9.18 



Engine: Briggs & Stratton Intek 7180 18hp V-TWIN
Economy: 3.5 lt/hr
Starter: Electric 12V battery
Gearbox: Hydrostatic Transmission
Differential with locking device
Clutch V-belt for P.T.O
Speed forward 0-9km/hr
Speed reverse 0-4 km/hr
Tyres front: 13x5.00-6
Tyres rear: 16x6.50-8
Brakes Front emergency & rear parking brake
Seat Sprung and adjustable
Cutting deck rear/side discharge

Cutting system
Central bar with swing tip blades
Cutting Width: 850mm (34")
Blade tip speed: 70 m/sec
Cutting height 6 positions: from 35-85mm, 1 travel position
Hourly cutting capacity: 6,000 m2/hr approx

Internal steering radius: 485 mm
Fuel tank: 7 lt with 1 lt emergency supply
Front headlight

Length 1895 mm
Width 950 mm
Height 975 mm
Weight 253 kg

If you have a big property and need a heavier duty machine, see the next model up - the Grillo Climber 9.18

Climber 7.18 Front View

Climber 7.18 Rear View

Climber 7.18 Side Profile

Climber 7.18 Side Profile

Climber 7.18 Right Hand Controls

Climber 7.18 Left Hand Controls

Climber 7.18 Steering Wheel


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