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Steep terrain? Looking for a comfortable All Wheel Drive steep gradient ride-on mower or a 2WD machine that delivers 4WD-like performance? You may not know that Grillo Climbers have been leading the way in Australia for well over ten years!

What we particularly love about Grillo is the way their products have been optimised for our local conditions including factors such as operating on steep terrain, mowing short, long or damp grass as well as providing a comfortable, safer way to work with machines that have a very low centre of gravity. 

Manufactured in Italy from quality European components, the Grillo Climber range is specifically designed with a focus on safety for the operator and incorporates the latest technical and ergonomic comfort features into the design of each model.


Extremely low centre of gravity

Family friendly safer mowing on your acreage 

Comfortable seating position

Ergonomics tailored to suit the operator with best seating position available 

Maintain traction on slopes

Grillo Climbers are renowned for maintaining traction while mowing across steep slopes. For safety and stability choose Grillo Climber. 

Grillo Climber AWD and 2WD ride-on mowers are designed for all terrain use and are safe to operate whilst providing superior performance on steep slopes. The Grillo Climber range of mowers is fantastic at cutting long grass and vegetation even over a meter in height on hilly or rough blocks.

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The Grillo commercial range of AWD Front Deck (FD) Mowers have professional features like large grass bins, rear collection capability, high-lift grass dump to allow the cut grass to be dumped into the back of a truck or bin and out-front floating cutting decks for access under bushes and for following the contour of the terrain.

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Grillo Rotary Hoes, Tillers and Walk Behind Tractors are ideal for all garden, farm and organic growing jobs. They are high quality tools, developed and proven in Italy for over 60 years. These products suit bio-intensive small plot farmers, landscapers as well as professional use.

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Visit this page to see Grillo Trimmer Mowers and Walk Behind Mowers.  The Grillo Trimmer/Mower is a line trimmer except it’s on wheels and has a much more powerful engine and very heavy duty set of lines.  It's much easier to use, is more productive and also more powerful than a hand held line trimmer.

Clear untidy areas, knee high grass and weeds. Mow the areas you can't reach, where your ride-on mower can't access or where it could be damaged by hidden obstacles. Trim right up beside tanks and walls, under fences and into the edges of dams. Large diameter wheels and great balance make the Trimmer Mower easy to manoeuvre over rough ground. T

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