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Comparing Zero Turn Mowers Vs. Regular Mowers: What’s the Difference?

Zero turn mowers have gained much popularity for their optimal efficiency, fast cutting speed and the impressive feature of turning on their own axis. These machines cut closely around obstacles, thus significantly reducing the need to trim manually as well as mow... Continue Reading    

Choosing the Best Ride On Mower for Your Terrain

When buying a new ride on lawn mower, there are several factors to consider such as the size of your lawn, type of terrain as well as the features you’re looking for in the new mower such as whether you need to collect the grass or not... Continue Reading    

Mowing Long Grass: Grillo Climbers for Long Grass and Steep Slopes

One always needs the right machine for mowing long grass. Apart from looking ungainly, long grass can restrict access to different parts of your acreage. However, you need to have the right mower to cut long grass... Continue Reading    

Why Invest in a Walk Behind Tractor?

A walk behind tractor is a single axle, two-wheel, super-compact, and versatile version of the larger four-wheel tractors standard for large scale farming... Continue Reading    

Lawn Mowers for long Grass

Every property poses a different challenge (or many challenges for some!). Whether it is steep slopes, undulating terrain, tight corners, obstacles, long grass, wet grass, or even thick grass and perhaps weeds or brush, the Grillo range from Agrigarden has a solution for you... Continue Reading    

Trimmer Mowers and Their Advantages

Trimmer mowers instead of line trimmers can clear tall weeds, long grass and overgrowth that typically occupy areas such as borders, banks, under fences, and woodland... Areas that are hard to access using line trimmers... 

Continue Reading  

Why You Need a Mower for Tough Terrain

Some terrains are flat, some are undulating while some are steep. Different terrains require different mowing machinery. If you are working on a steep environment you need a suitable mower optimized for tough terrains.... Continue Reading    

Ride on Mowers for Long Grass

It’s time to take control over your grass rather than letting it control you… If you feel as though you are constantly mowing in fear of the grass becoming too long and impossible to cut and needing to bring in professionals to tackle the job, then you need to take back the control to mow when you feel like it, not because you have to... Continue Reading    

Front Deck Ride On Mowers

Front deck ride on mowers make hard to reach places easy to get to with a professional looking cut. Go places you cannot get to with a standard mid-mount deck lawn mower… Easily follow the contours of your terrain, mow around obstacles, right into corners and under bushes and trees! Continue Reading    

Keeping your Ride On Mower in Mint Condition

In order for us to get the best possible experience and results from our ride on mowers. it's important to learn how to keep them in mint condition.  Regular maintenance is the key.  Just a little bit of extra time every time you use your machine will keep it in tip top condition and also give you an understanding about your machine that will contribute to it's long life and great performance... Continue Reading    


Are you experiencing blocking on your collection ride on mower?

We've recently been hearing from people frustrated with the blocking issues on their non Grillo existing ride on mower.  You buy a ride on mower because you have realized there is a better way to mow than by pushing a walk behind mower around for hours. You want to sit and enjoy yourself from the ease of a comfortable seat, not huff and puff around the garden pushing a mower. In your dreams however, one thing you don't plan for is problems... Continue Reading

New Product Tour Video on the FD220R

Kicking off January we have two new FD220R videos just loaded on the site.  Firstly, a product tour where we take you around and over the FD220R Grass Collection Ride On Mower and look at it's main features... Continue Reading


Customer testimonials on Grillo Ride On Mowers

It's easy to lack confidence when you buy a ride on mower.  Who knows how they will actually perform on your property?  How do you know that your conditions won't prove too much?  With any significant investment you need to feel confident that the ride on mower you are purchasing will perform to your expectations.  Of course, the matter of expectations is another topic all together.  Time and time again our customers come to us with stories of past experiences when they have bought inferior machines, expecting them to perform in situations they were never designed too...  Continue Reading

Mowing and Collecting in pursuit of a quality lawn finish 

If you want to achieve a beautiful finish, and a clean lawn you’ll want to collect your grass clippings.
Collection can apply to leaves as well as grass which offers another positive solution during autumn when the leaf fall can become unmanageable.  A word to the wise though – effective leaf sucking requires a lot of air draft so make sure the mower you are looking at purchasing is up to the job!