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Choosing the Best Ride On Mower for Your Terrain

When buying a new ride on lawn mower, there are several factors to consider such as the size of your lawn, type of terrain as well as the features you’re looking for in the new mower such as whether you need to collect the grass or not. Below is some advice on selecting the best Grillo ride on mower best suited for your property and lawn conditions.

Size and Type of Terrain

Knowing the size of your lawn and type of terrain helps a lot in determining the kind of ride on lawn mower you need. Looking at your lawn think about the conditions...Is it sloping, smooth, hilly, or flat? Rough terrain, long grass and pugged-up areas require different machines with stronger transmissions.

Here's how you can evaluate your property to determine which mower you need:

For relatively flat/undulating lawns - out-front deck ride on mowers can do the job. If this is you, take a look at the Grillo FD (Front Deck) grass collection mowers, or ZTR (Zero Turn) range of ride on mowers

For steep terrain, the Grillo MD Series is a perfect option if you want to mow lawns on steep slopes. With three different models to choose from, there is sure to be the perfect ride on mower for your steep slope. 

For steep slopes with the addition of tough terrain such as rough ground underfoot, long damp grass and even weeds and bush, the heavy duty 9 series Grillo Climber range is meant for you. The 7 series machines are more  suitable for smaller, less demanding conditions and the 9 series built to take on rough, tough areas where the grass could be very high.

Features Offered by the Grillo Ride On Mowers

Grillo Climber ride on mowers offer a range of advanced features and functions such as excellent wheel grip, low slung design, and safety features like automatic blade shut-off. These machines are equipped with cutting systems that can cope with long grass. They allow you to mow across 17 degrees ridges and control tall grass on rough and smooth ground. The Climber range features tractor type wheels and safely handle sloping conditions and long grass. The MD series models mow steep lawns  and the FD grass collection/pick-up range leave an immaculate finish . These mowers have a low center of gravity and out-front decks for better lawn maintenance and quick access under trees. Your selection of model from the Grillo range includes the best features on the market for you to effectively, efficiently and safely mow the designated terrain.

Risks of Using the Wrong Mower

Choosing the wrong mower can lead to accidents and drastic incidents, particularly on steep slopes and rough ground. There have been numerous cases of people using a standard mower (meant for flat lawns) on a steep slope and ending up in an unexpected accident because the mower couldn't handle the job. It's important that you choose the best ride on mower that can handle slopes safely, has a low center of gravity, and comes with good traction even when the grass is wet if this is what your property demands. 

Browse our range online or talk to your local Grillo dealer for assistance in finding the ultimate machine for your property!