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Major Accident on Ride On Mower highlights the importance of choosing the right ride on mower for your property.

You see when it comes to mowing flat grass nearly all Ride-on Mowers are up to the task. Yep, that stuff is easy. Just pick the grass finish you want, the budget you have to spend and most will find a mower up to the task.

But when you add in 25 degree slopes, 15 degree ridges and general Australian bush terrain it's quite a different matter. Pick a run of the mill product then and yes, it's all on.

Here's the story of Doug Creek, a recent customer, who started out with the wrong machine for his property. (He ended up purchasing a Grillo Climber 7.16 from his local Grillo dealer on Norfolk Island)

Four years ago Doug had been mowing up a slope, along a driveway edge, next to a drop off, when the back wheel lost traction and slid down, throwing him off the mower to the ground below.

The mower came down on top of him and Doug put his hands out to push it away. One hand went into the centre of the mower blade and the other caught the outer edge of the blade severely severing his right hand. Doug had to be medi-vacted off the island for some major reconstruction.

He spent 2 years rehabilitating from the accident, after which time he began to mow the property with a small tractor. While getting the job done, it wasn't the right machine for the job and after two years Doug decided he was ready to look at another ride on mower – but not without some serious investigation into the right mower for his property.

Doug and his wife wanted a ride on mower that would handle the slope safely, have a low centre of gravity and good traction when the grass was wet. He whittled away the unsuitable options until finding the Grillo Climber range.

His local dealer had a machine in stock and was able to provide a demonstration within a week. The Grillo Climber appealed to not only Doug but also his wife who was tentative to let him back into the driver's seat of a traditional mower!

The increased stability from the low slung design, excellent wheel grip from the tractor tyres and other safety features such as differential locking and front brakes convinced them that the Grillo Climber was the best option for their terrain and the safest mower for the job.


This story highlights one important point.

If you own a property like Doug then there are risks you need to be aware of when it's time to take out the ride-on mower.  Now your property may not be as steep as Doug's. And you may not have any drop-offs the size that caused him to fall. But still when it comes to mowing undulating terrain with ridges and slopes then the job's quite different compared to making pretty shapes on a flat lawn all afternoon.

So all we ask is that you take a short time to consider a Grillo Climber ride-on mower when you are looking for your next machine.

They allow you to: -
  • Mow Safely Up And Down Slopes Of Up to 30 degrees
  • Mow Across 17 Degrees Slopess – Even When Difficult and Slippery
  • Control 1 Meter plus Tall Grass on Rough or Steep Ground
They also work really well with long damp grass. No longer are you or your family forced to frequently mow your property just to keep the grass from getting too long for your machine to manage. Now you can let it grow even over a meter before you need to head out again.

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