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Climber proves  the right choice in Tamborine, QLD for steep slopes and tough undergrowth

I bought my Grillo Climber 9.16 because there are very few machines on the market (for the price) that could comfortably handle my steep, rough terrain and my tough undergrowth.

I have 2.5 ha of bush land with about 1 ha of cleared area at the front of the property that had been taken over with tall grass, weeds and some lantana. Most of it is steep (25 degrees), rough and very uneven. I had never used a ride-on of any description before buying my Grillo Climber. Every thing I did was with my trusty Stihl FS85 Brushcutter. Needless to say, maintaining a hectare by hand was not something I aspired to.

I had never used a ride-on of any description before buying my Grillo Climber but I had heard enough scary stories from friends’ experiences (including a tractor-related fatality) that put me off the whole idea of using a ride-on or a tractor, particularly with my property.

I had two main criteria for the ride-on I was to purchase: It had to be able to cut down the tall grass and lantana that I had and it had to be able to get up and down and across the slope of my property without me risking my well-being both mentally and physically.

I first found out about the Grillo Climber by a simple Google search. There I found several videos of the Grillo Climber in action. I purchased the Grillo Climber for its ability to cut down tough foliage and its ability on steep terrain. The only decision was “which Grillo model?” I chose the 9 series for:

• Robustness
• More direct diff lock system
• Cutting height
• Ability to fit dual rear wheels

To date I have been very happy with my Grillo Climber and have felt very confident with its stability on my steep terrain. My property does not allow me to mow down a slope and then turn around on a flat area; this prompted me to purchase dual rear wheels that not only allows me to comfortably turn around on the slope but also allows me to routinely mow across it. I like the high cutting deck setting of the 916 as it allows me to go straight over many of the volcanic rocks that litter my property.

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