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Grillo Climber 9.16 mows big slopes and long long grass on 30 acre block...

We are very pleased with the performance of our Grillo Climber 9.16. We have very steep terrain and the Climber does not miss a beat!

I once owned a Cox and thought it was good, but the Grillo Climber is 300% better. The Climber, with its V-Twin engine, just keeps mowing down long grass without even laboring. It’s amazing! The safety features are great too. I find the Climber is also very fuel efficient as I can mow on average for 6 hours before refueling. I have introduced all guests to the property to the Grillo Climber and they are all very impressed with the sturdy construction. This 30 acre block will test the Climber to its maximum so I'm happy to keep you updated if you send me a reminder occasionally. My husband calls the Climber my LOVE MACHINE. I've personally called him Herbie, as all machinery and animals get named here! One thing I would like to see included in the future would be a drinks holder. I have installed my own but this would be a handy feature!

Off to mow the grass so see ya later. Jill Meili


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