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Climber 9.22 in Bega, NSW

"Having taken delivery of the New Grillo 9.22 , I had to drop you a note stating how pleased I am with the climber and its seemingly endless ability. It certainly performed all the claims you made and far exceeded my expectations and those of my neighbors who had claimed that no sit on mower was capable of mowing 2ft.high+ Tussock grass which it accomplished with ease on setting 3. My wife was even more impressed as what would have normally taken me 3 hard day’s work was completed in 4.8 hours, which she claims will now enable us to spend more time enjoying the property and surrounds. Congratulations on your initiative in importing such a versatile and practical mower. Thank you Justin (Plumb Motors - Grillo Dealer) for your effort in delivery and particularly your informative and comprehensive instructions." Alex Burt


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