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Comparing Zero Turn Mowers Vs. Regular Mowers: What’s the Difference?

ZTR mowers have gained much popularity for their optimal efficiency, fast cutting speed and the impressive feature of turning on their own axis. These machines cut closely around obstacles, thus significantly reducing the need to trim manually as well as mow. 

Zero turn mowers and lawn tractors are also different when it comes to how the operator control system works. Tractor type mowers have an engine in front of the deck and a traditional foot pedal accelerator, whereas ZTR's are equipped with the operator positioned over the deck (mid-mount) and two handles that individually control the driving wheels. ZTR's are quite responsive, that's why even the tiniest change in direction of your arms leads to a remarkably smooth turn.

How a Zero Turn Steering System Works

A normal riding mower has a steering wheel just like a car. On the other hand, a ZTR utilizes levers to steer. It pivots in a circle as one wheel stops and the other wheel turns, hence allowing you to spin around 180 degrees without leaving uncut grass. The zero-turn steering system allows the machine to turn on its own axis for a much easier and faster mowing, and it gives you a clear view of the cutting path.

How Grillo has improved the design of a ZTR

As you already know most ZTRs are equipped with the operator positioned over the deck.  Grillo, however, has moved the deck out in front of the operator.  The deck has been designed to float and follow the contour of the ground as it becomes completely independent from the rest of the machine.  This creates a better position for the operator to be able to mow under trees and bushes which mid-mount mowers can’t do.  Also the deck can be easily lifted up into a maintenance position which can’t be done on a mid-mount ZTR.   In this outfront configuration the whole balance of the machine is enhanced making working on slopes much safer.  The floating cutter deck also delivers a very high quality finished result.

Do You Require the Functionality of a ZTR?

Many property owners use zero turn mowers today. If your lawn requires plenty of mowing and you need an  efficient machine that offers impressive maneuverability, a ZTR is the best solution for you. 

ZTRs are ideally used for large properties, both commercial and residential. They are also great for undulating, contoured or flat terrain such as large residential properties, retirement villages, hospitals, camping grounds, and schools. The zero turn steering system provides excellent performance and comfort.

Testing a Zero Turn Mower

The best way to find out if a zero turn mower is right for you is to test it out yourself. Contact a dealer to test the Grillo FX20 ZTR which is one of the most outstanding and highly recommended mowers today. This model has a quick shift lever for switching from rear discharge to mulching mode, and the operator can lift the deck up electrically so no heavy lifting!