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Customer testimonials on Grillo Ride On Mowers

It's easy to lack confidence when you buy a ride on mower.  Who knows how they will actually perform on your property?  How do you know that your conditions won't prove too much?  With any significant investment you need to feel confident that the ride on mower you are purchasing will perform to your expectations.  Of course, the matter of expectations is another topic all together.  Time and time again our customers come to us with stories of past experiences when they have bought inferior machines, expecting them to perform in situations they were never designed too. 

Grillo Climber Ride On Mowers are known as rough or tough terrain mowers.  They are built for properties that are demanding.  Paddocks, long, thick grass, steep slopes and even wet, damp and slippery conditions.  They are also perfect for people who don't get a chance to mow regularly so they are combating rugged conditions at every mow.  It's one thing for us to say all this but quite another for you to hear it from other users, so our aim is to bring you the stories from the people that buy our Climber Ride On Mowers so you know they'll perform in exactly the way we say. To read these testimonials, check out our growing list of Climber Customer Stories.

As always, if you're concerned about your individual property you can call or email us for specific advice.  Our team has a lot of experience with tough properties all over Australia and New Zealand and we'll be able to ensure you get the right model for your requirements.  There's no point in an overkill if you don't need it, and likewise if you need max power and robustness then it's good to have it from the outset.

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