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Ride On Mowers for Long Grass

It’s time to take control over your grass rather than letting it control you… If you feel as though you are constantly mowing in fear of the grass becoming too long and impossible to cut and needing to bring in professionals to tackle the job, then you need to take back the control to mow when you feel like it, not because you have to!

Standard market ride on mowers are not going to take down long grass effectively, they will simply push the grass flat and roll right over top of it. Attempting to mow long grass with a standard run of the mill mower is going to start to shred belts and block up the cutting deck. More importantly, they are not designed to keep the rider safe on damp lawns, especially going up, down and across steep slopes.

 A Grillo Climber may be what you are looking for. This range of ride on mowers is designed specifically as a ride on mower for long grass and steep slopes. The Grillo range is suited to different types of properties, from smaller less challenging terrain (Grillo 7 Series) through to larger, tougher terrain properties (Grillo 9 Series). All of the Climbers are designed to tackle your long grass even over a meter tall and even in the damp!

As mentioned, these machines are designed specially for your challenging terrain and for mowing long grass. As such, these ride on mowers have a number of safety features to keep the operator safe.

  • Low Centre of Gravity - a low, snug design provides the operator with stability to prevent tipping 
  • Differential Locking - maintains and increases traction of the driving wheels when mowing steep slopes, preventing slipping and sliding. This is particularly important when mowing slopes with long damp grass 
  • Front Drum Pedal Operated Brakes - allowing you to break when mowing downhill and in the case of an emergency - stop! 
  • Heavy Build on 9 series - these heavy duty ride on mowers are constructed of heavy and strong materials adding to their weight providing additional traction. This also makes them long lasting, even with heavy/commercial use 
  • Tractor Tires - all of the climbers (and the Grillo MD22) are supplied with tractor tires, again adding to the traction of the ride on mower on the ground. This is essential on steep slopes with long or wet grass 

To find the best Grillo ride on mower for your terrain, or in particular a Grillo Climber to mow your grass, talk to the expert team at Agrigarden, or talk to your local dealer.