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Grillo Trimmer Mower Testimonial

Hi, my name is Rex Green, working as the North Island Wholesale Manager for Dan Cosgrove Farm Machinery Division, plus maintaining a 25 acre lifestyle block in the Waikato means that life is exceptionally busy.  I felt that I had to put pen to paper and report on the purchase of a Grillo HWT 600 Self Propelled walk behind Trimmer Mower.

As is the case with many small block owners there are always areas that cannot be mown with a conventional lawnmower, hence my need for some way of keeping these areas neat and tidy. I had tried using had held Line Trimmers, but the finish was never to my satisfaction. I saw one of your Grillo machines at a local dealer and after some enquiry I purchased the HWT 600.

It is not very often even with the wide choices we have available that we find a machine that hugely exceeds our expectations, but I can honestly say that the HWT 600 is the best machine I own, and believe me when it comes to toys for the boys I have them all, and always go for quality over price.

The finish that this machine leaves is unbelievable, and only this last weekend I mowed my orchard area which is normally mown with a very high quality walk behind 33 inch finishing mower.

The reason I chose to mow with the HWT 600 is because over the Fieldays period I had not had the time to use the ‘big’ mower. The area I am talking about is close to ¼ of an acre and is Kikuyu grass. Combine this with the amount of rain that we have had and the 15º - 18º slope and I believe that nothing would mow it satisfactorily, However the Grillo HWT 600 simply ate the grass leaving a finish that I could hardly believe, and as a bonus it semi-dethatched the kikuyu.

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