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Trimmer Mowers and Their Advantages

Trimmer mowers instead of line trimmers can clear tall weeds, long grass and overgrowth that typically occupy areas such as borders, banks, under fences, and woodland...  Areas that are hard to access using line trimmers. They do a much better and faster job and require far less effort compared to regular line trimmers for difficult to reach areas. If you have a garden filled with weeds and grasses that are tough to cut, and you have large areas to clear, then you'll need a wheeled trimmer to do the job efficiently.

Unlike hand-held line trimmers that are very physical to use, wheeled trimmers are well balanced and highly productive.  Here are the main advantages of wheeled trimmer mowers:
  • Thanks to a 4-5 hp engine they clear knee-high grasses and weeds and untidy areas very quickly without getting weed and grass debris all over yourself. 
  • The machine is easy to maneuver on rough, bumpy ground, because it's equipped with large diameter wheels which provide excellent balance. This makes trimming more effective reducing the time taken to mow.
  • They are heavy duty and the thicker line cord can more easily cope with obstacles like rocks and stones.
  • They are comfortable and painless to use. If you tend to suffer from back and shoulder pain when using a hand-held brush cutter, then a high wheeled trimmer mower is a great solution, in particular, a self-drive option.
Difference Between Push and Self-Drive Trimmer Mower

Walk-behind trimmer mowers are available in two versions: push and self-propelled. A push mower allows you to push a wheeled, motorized blade cutter to mow your lawn. A self-propelled motor works the same way, but it pushes the machine forward with a gearbox attached to the rear or front wheels, allowing you to guide it to your desired direction. When it comes to speed, a push mower can only go as fast as you push it, while a self-propelled one can go up to 3 kilometers per hour. The advantage of a push mower is they are lighter and more affordable than self propelled.

A Grillo high wheeled Trimmer Mower has the following features:
  • Cuts down tall grasses and weeds efficiently and effectively
  • Safety guard to prevent ring barking trees
  • Mows rough and uneven terrain, and hard-to-reach areas such as retaining walls, dam/pond edges, under fences and trees
  • Works smoothly in dry as well as wet conditions
  • Stable, well balanced, and easy to maneuver - no carrying required!
For a domestic use Grillo trimmer for around your small block or for general garden use the X-Trimmer is hard to beat. Trim under fences, remove weeds and long grass from under bushes and trim along edges.

 The Grillo High Wheel Trimmer Mower 550 sports an off-set swing body that lets you swing and lock the trimmer's cutting head right or left: ideal for mowing up fence lines. An adjustable tilt feature so the line cord can be tilted, 41 cm high wheels and a powerful Honda 4.4 HP engine. 

If you're looking for a self-propelled machine for slopes, the Grillo High Wheel Trimmer Mower 600 is a self-drive model featuring a robust Honda 4.4 HP engine and 41 cm high wheels.  A gearbox/clutch system allows the machine to drive itself at 3km/hr - walking speed.

Contact your local dealer to learn more about these products and to find out which is the best wheeled trimmer for your property!