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Why Invest in a Walk Behind Tractor?

A walk behind tractor is a single axle, two-wheel, super-compact, and versatile version of the larger four-wheel tractors standard for large scale farming. The unit is most commonly called a walk behind tractor, but you can find it under many different names such as walking tractor,  pedestrian tractor, two-wheel tractor, etc. Now if we come to the use of this smaller versions of the standard tractor and the reason why one should invest in such an unit, the most obvious answer would be the versatility in use that these commercial grade power units offer.

A walk behind tractor allows the owner to perform many farming applications, the principle of them being mowing and soil working or tilling. They are generally considered ideal for small scale farming where you need low soil compaction. For example, investing in a large standard 4-wheel tractor may not be too practical or even viable for owners of small market-garden enterprises. The other alternative is to invest in multiple instruments for different, specialized jobs. However, using a walking tractor is always a better option to the last alternative, since these tractors, with the help of many available attachments or implements, can perform all those different jobs as satisfactorily as the single purpose units. This means that instead of investing in multiple units, you would only invest in one. This, apart from being a cost-effective option, also ensures that the engine of the tractor, owing to its year-round uses, will never sit unused for any period of time. So, you won't have to face any engine storage issues as with the seasonal single-purpose units. Add to it the fact that walk-behind tractors from reputed manufacturers are built to standards of durability and quality common to all high grade agricultural equipment and that they are extremely safe and when used for small scale farming, will last a lifetime, and you will know why investing in such an unit is more than a wise choice.

There are many available attachments that you can use with a walking tractor. The most common of such attachments are cutter and tiller bar mowers, brush mowers, chippers/shredders, utility trailers, and rotary plows. These attachments are available from independent manufacturers as well as the tractor manufacturing companies. The walk-behind tractors also come with a range of special features such as adjustable height, reversible handlebars and more depending on your model selection.

Although ideal for small scale farming, these walking tractors are also used as secondary tractors for large scale farming and gardening. Apart from that, these units can work the areas that are not easily accessible to large riding tractors. Tasks such as mowing between the rows, under the fences, snow removal around pathways and sidewalks, on rooftops, etc. are satisfactorily performed by walk-behind tractors.