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Climber 10.27 in Victoria

"CL 10.27 Very steep block (Up to 40 degrees). Twelve months now. No regrets. Smart buy. Pros. Does everything it was advertised to do. Cleaned up 5 foot high bracken on a steep hill - no problems (a second pass was needed to make it perfect), VERY COMFY ride with the Grammer seat, easy to operate all day, heaps of power, easy to operate, easy maintenance, very secure on the steep slopes even when turning, chews up the scrub easily, great customer service at AGPOWER Ringwood, reliable.

Cons. Needs mirrors, cutting deck needed adjusting, more of a slasher than a mower, could do with a mulcher attachment (or would that clog it up with heavy mowing?), check you have the correct mower blade bolts, blade bar needs tightening after 40 hrs, price - but you get what you paid for. 

All in all, a great machine. Test drove a few other major brands and the Grillo CL 10.27 came up trumps. Will I replace this one for another Grillo? Yes! (but, I suspect this will last for many years to come)".  Rob.

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