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Climber Ride On Mowers

Mow Slopes and Long Grass Safely and in Comfort!

When it comes to mowing flat lawns nearly all ride-on mowers are up to the task. That stuff is easy. Just pick the grass finish you want, the budget you have to spend and most will find a mower up to the task. But if your acreage is a little more challenging and you add in steep slopes, ridges, long grass, scrub and rough terrain then it's quite a different matter.

There are literally hundreds of different brands of ride-on mowers on the market, maybe you already own one, but the chances are that your current machine is not right for your acreage. However there will be a Grillo Climber model that best suits your requirements. Grillo Climbers provide safe 4WD-like performance with the highest level of operator comfort - but they are not all the same so it is important to choose the appropriate Climber for your acreage. 

Here is a story from a customer who started off with a "flat grass" ride on mower when he really needed a rough terrain ride on mower. The story highlights an important point...when it comes to mowing difficult terrain with steep slopes and long grass then the job's quite different compared to mowing a flat, short lawn.