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Climber 10.22 AWD

Its low center of gravity enables the Grillo Climber 10.22 AWD to handle steep and undulating terrain safely and competently. The driver is positioned directly over the cutting deck and sits low in the seat as you would driving any other vehicle.  Other machines covered by this class of hill mower do not provide anywhere near the same level of operator comfort. Why would you want to drive a machine with your knees up around your ears! 

The driver’s feet are positioned naturally in several positions so the design of the Climber is quite different to other mowers. The results of this give more stability, control and safety for the operator. This is a safe machine for other family members who also wish to mow.

Increased Traction and Agility


The Climber 10.22 is an All Wheel Drive (AWD) machine but provides maximum maneuverability. Its small turning circle radius of only 70cm is best in its class. It also features differential lock which provides superior traction, allowing the user to manage any tricky areas by depressing the diff lock pedal to engage both rear wheels simultaneously.

• Extremely low center of gravity
• Balanced weight distribution to provide maximum stability
• High wheel grip and Differential Lock where traction is required on very steep slopes
• Low engine noise
• Hydrostatic transmission
• A large 13 litre fuel tank to enhance productivity
• Foldable roll bar fitted
• Ergonomically designed seat with sprung suspension platform
• Tow bar and LED headlight fitted as standard
• Will safely go places a tractor can’t go

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Product code: 8010AH