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Climber 10.27 AWD

Grillo Climber 10.27 AWD represents the latest ergonomic design in European All Wheel Drive technology. This translates into a superb riding experience and the best operator seating configuration of any machine of this type in the Australian market.

Permanent AWD combined with a 27 HP engine offers brilliant performance on severe slopes and low-grip ground. Remarkably efficient on high grass and up to 2.5 cm diameter brush, this machine is ideal for both agricultural and professional use. Its compact dimension has been designed to boost its performance on steep slopes and the Kanzaki hydrostatic transmission with differential lock on the rear wheels allow the operator to work with maximum safety, reliability and unmatched stability under any working conditions. 

The cutting height is adjusted via a soft and comfortable lever. The cutting deck stops in the chosen position when the lever is released. Blades are engaged via an electric switch located near to the steering wheel. The electromagnetic clutch is fitted with a blade brake. The single-blade cutting deck has a working width of 98 cm, the progressive and assisted cutting height ranges from a minimum of 3.5 cm to a maximum of 13.5 cm. This 10 cm range allows the operator to easily negotiate kerbs and obstacles and allows the machine to work on uneven ground. 

The whole cutting system is always kept parallel to the ground, this ensures top cutting quality even after years of service. 

The cutting blades are made of special steel and have a low-noise profile. The double-cutting tips are retractable in case of impact and can be turned around when one side is worn out. 
The whole structure of the cutting deck is very robust and remarkably resistant to impacts with stones. The large diameter blade shaft and cutting transmission guarantee reliability even under the most demanding conditions and for many hours in total safety. The cutting deck also has two side protection baffles that can be raised to make maintenance and cleaning easier.
A twin-cylinder, four stroke petrol engine has 27 HP gross power and is fitted with a cyclonic professional air filter especially suitable for dusty environments and very easy to access for routine cleaning. The low-emission silencer is made of stainless steel. The fuel tank has a capacity of 13 litres and is equipped with a large filler for easier refuelling and a built-in fuel indicator on the cap.
The permanent four-wheel drive transmission is composed of two hydrostatic axles. The rear hydrostatic axle is equipped with differential lock via a pedal, which proves to be exceptionally useful on severe slopes and low-adherence grounds. 
Larger TRACTOR wheels are fitted to achieve more adherence and greater comfort on irregular ground. The front wheel axle steers and tilts and it is equipped with a hydraulic system that combined with the differential on the rear axle ensures permanent drive on all four wheels to prevent the wheels from skidding even in the tightest turns. 

Thanks to the four-wheel drive transmission the operator can stop on slopes just by using the forward lever and can engage reverse in total safety with no wheel skidding.
The hydrostatic motors on the front axle are protected by an anti-shock steel plate.

The Climber 10.27 is equipped with major stainless steel hydraulic pipes connecting the two hydraulic axles. Together with a cooling fan placed on the rear axle, they keep the hydraulic oil working pressure low to guarantee high performances even under the most demanding working conditions.

The roll-bar can be tilted in a couple of seconds to allow working underneath foliage and can be either raised or lowered via two levers, no other tools are required. 

Climber 10.27 is equipped with a Grammer seat where the suspension can be adjusted according to the operator's weight. In addition the whole seat support is fitted with twin shock-absorbers to ensure greater comfort even after a long working day.  Controls are comfortable, the forward control lever enables the operator to choose the exact ground speed. When operating the brake pedal, the rear axle is braked and the forward lever comes back automatically to its stop position.

On the upper part of the cutting deck there is a baffle, that if positioned, inside the cutting deck, evenly distributes the grass onto the lawn. An optional rotating beacon can be mounted on the roll-bar and is then connected to the 12V plug.  

Safety and Comfort 

All Wheel Drive capability enables the Grillo 10 series Climber to handle very steep terrain safely and competently. The driver is positioned directly over the cutting deck and sits low in the seat, with legs extended as you would driving any other type of vehicle.  Competitor machines do not provide anywhere near the same level of operator comfort.

The driver’s feet are positioned naturally in several positions so the design of the Climber is quite different to other mowers. The results of this give more stability, control and safety for the operator. This is a safe machine for Contractors or Professionals who need to mow in very steep environments for long periods.

Increased Traction and Agility

The Climber 10.27 is an All Wheel Drive (AWD) machine but provides maximum maneuverability. Its small turning circle of only 70cm is best in its class. It also features differential lock which provides superior traction, allowing the user to manage any tricky areas by depressing the diff lock pedal to engage both rear wheels simultaneously.


• Extremely low center of gravity
• Balanced weight distribution to provide maximum stability
• High wheel grip and Differential Lock where traction is required on very steep slopes
• Low engine noise
• Hydrostatic transmission
• A large 13 litre fuel tank to enhance productivity
• Foldable roll bar fitted
• Ergonomically designed Grammer seat with sprung suspension platform
• Tow bar and LED headlight fitted as standard
• Will safely go places a tractor can’t go


Product code: 8011AQ



Engine: Briggs & Stratton Series 8270 Commercial 
Start: Electric, with 12 V battery
Supply fuel: Petrol
Displacement 724 cc, 2 Cylinders
Power 27 HP (Gross)
Air cooled 
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges
Fuel tank capacity: 13 L

Gearbox:4-wheel-drive hydrostatic transmission.
Clutch: Electromagnetic clutch with P.T.O and blade brake.
Cutter deck: Side and rear discharge
Cutting configuration: 1 rotating blade with floating blades made of special heat treated steel

Cutting width: 980 mm (38")
Cutting height: From 35 mm to 135 mm with continuous adjustment (not stepped)
Peripheral blade speed: 87 m/sec

Differential locking: On the rear axle, with pedal engagement
Front tyres: 16x6.50-8 tractor. With anti-puncture treatment
Rear tyres: 20×10.00-8 TRACTOR
Speed: Continuously variable from 0 to 9 km/h + reverse speed from 0 to 8 km/h
Inner turning radius: 70 cm
Oscillating front axle

Seat: Grammer seat with weight-adjustable suspension, seatbelt, equipped with foldable roll-bar
Parking brake: On the rear wheels with lever engagement.
Mowing capacity per hour: (indicative) 7500 m2/hr
Standard features: Tow bar and front Twin LED headlight

Length 2060 mm
Width 1080 mm
Height 1185 mm
Distance between axles: 1420 mm
Weight 355 kg?

"CL 10.27 Very steep block (Up to 40 degrees). Twelve months now. No regrets. Smart buy. Pros. Does everything it was advertised to do. Cleaned up 5 foot high bracken on a steep hill - no problems (a second pass was needed to make it perfect), VERY COMFY ride with the Grammer seat, easy to operate all day, heaps of power, easy to operate, easy maintenance, very secure on the steep slopes even when turning, chews up the scrub easily, great customer service at AGPOWER Ringwood, reliable.

Cons. Needs mirrors, cutting deck needed adjusting, more of a slasher than a mower, could do with a mulcher attachment (or would that clog it up with heavy mowing?), check you have the correct mower blade bolts, blade bar needs tightening after 40 hrs, price - but you get what you paid for. 

All in all, a great machine. Test drove a few other major brands and the Grillo CL 10.27 came up trumps. Will I replace this one for another Grillo? Yes! (but, I suspect this will last for many years to come)