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G46 Rotary Hoe - $3,690 plus shipping

Grillo G46 is the heavy duty version of the G45 rotary hoe.  It is compact in size and is ideal for use in any horticultural and garden application. It’s perfectly balanced, equipped with a cast iron gearbox in an oil bath for added strength and has a forward and reverse gear. To switch from forward to reverse gear, an easy to use lever control is used.

The G46 tiller is counter-rotating and allows you to rotary hoe hard, tough ground, despite its small size and weight. The rotation of the tines, contrary to the rotation of the driving wheels, keeps the machine in the ground and allows you to till more aggressively, with little effort!

The cutter width is 50 cm. The tines are made of tempered steel and have a working diameter of 26 cm. G46 is equipped with a rear slider foot that allows you to adjust the milling depth in 5 different positions. The slide is particularly useful for working sandy or soft soils because it prevents the cutter from sinking too much into the ground.  In case of very hard ground it is possible to remove the slide to allow the cutter to sink more into the ground.

It is not necessary to exert any pressure on the handlebars, it is sufficient to just place your hands on the handlebar and let the machine do all the work.

The G46 features the Honda GX200 petrol engine- 5.5 horsepower and the engine is protected by a robust bumper.

Forward gear as well as the PTO can be engaged independently.  It is equipped with an active clutch, a system that guarantees maximum safety and practicality.

G46, like all Grillo machines, is designed to provide total safety in the workplace.  When the "man presence" lever is released, the wheels and tines stop immediately while keeping the engine running. 

The handlebar is height adjustable and allows you to adapt to each operator and to any depth of terrain.  The offset positions of the handlebar ?enables the operator to not step on the tilled material, leaving the ground perfectly level and undisturbed.

Only one hand is enough to till with the G46, the counter-rotating cutter helps to maintain stability and direction.

The furrower can be mounted behind the tiller; working together it enables the operator to place regular furrows for irrigation or sowing.

G46 is equipped with a lever that allows you to disconnect the wheels from the transmission, which together with the perfect balance of the rotary cultivator make transfers with the engine off easy.

The transmission is geared in an oil bath, designed to last over time. It is built entirely in the Grillo establishments.

Cleaning and maintenance are very simple! It is sufficient to periodically check the engine oil and transmission level and clean the air filter.

Product code: 80089T

Engine: Honda GX200 OHV 
Start: recoil starter
Supply fuel: Petrol
Displacement 196 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 5.5 HP (4.1 kW)
Air cooled 
Oil bath air filter
Fuel tank capacity 3.1 L
Transmission with oil bath gears
Gearbox 1 forward gear and 1 reverse gear
Standard rotary Tiller with contra-rotating tines.

Working width 50 cm.
Hoes system diameter 28 cm
Working width 50 cm
Working depth 13 cm
P.T.O. 965 rpm with anticlockwise rotation
Available tyres: 4.00-8 tractor
Speed: With 4.00-8 wheels forward gear 1,6 km/h, reverse gear 1,6 km/h
Handlebar: With height and side adjustment
Safety devices active clutch and automatic disengagement of the tiller in reverse gear
External sizes of the wheels 400 mm with 4.00-8 tractor wheels
Weight G46 with engine GX 200 OHV 98 kg