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G84 Rotary Hoe - $4,600 plus shipping

Grillo G84 is a heavy duty domestic or entry level commercial rotary hoe.  G84 is powered by a Honda GX200 5.5 hp engine, has 2 Fwd & 2 Rev gears, 8" tractor wheels and a 60cm tiller.  The handle bars can be offset or reversed in order to carry a couple of different attachments, if required, such as a sickle bar or furrower. 

60cm double rotation tiller. The double rotation tiller combines the advantages of both the standard and the counter-rotating tiller. The double rotation tiller is equipped with a control to change the rotations of the tines, making it therefore possible to till any kind of soil (hard soil as well as soft and sandy soil). The “floating” tines perfectly till the soil both in standard and counter-rotation system. 

 Optional attachments:

Central cutter bar 115cm (sickle bar)

Furrower behind tiller

Product code: 8BQ9T


Engine: Honda GX200 OHV
Start: recoil starter
Supply fuel: petrol
Displacement: 196 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power:  5.5 HP (4.1 kW)
Air cooled
Oil bath air filter
Fuel tank capacity: 3,1 L
Drive: gears in oil bath
Gearbox: with clutch engagement. The walking tractor version has 2 forward gears + 2 reverse gears. The sickle bar version has 2 forward gears + 2 reverse gears
Reverse gear unit: By lever
Clutch: Conic active
Standard rotary tiller: 60cm standard or counter-rotating tiller with x 4 tines
Working width: 580 mm
Hoe system diameter: 315 mm
Working width: Adjustable at 370 and 470 mm (680 mm with extensions)
Working depth: 16 cm
P.T.O.    965 rpm independent of the gearbox. Clockwise rotation for the walking tractor version, anticlockwise rotation for the sickle bar version.
Wheels: 4.00-8
Handlebar: Height and side adjustment - fitted on anti-vibration blocks
Safety devices   Active clutch, reverse speed – PTO cut-out
Weight with tiller, 96 kg