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CL75 Walk Behind Mower - $7,690 plus shipping

Grillo CL75 – for mowing slopes where you can’t take a ride on mower!

The deck's cutting height can be adjusted from 50mm up to a maximum 150 mm. The adjustment is progressive and can easily be regulated by means of a hand control. The cutting deck is kept parallel to the ground in all positions thereby ensuring long life of the blade drive belt.  The 150 mm cutting height is ideal especially when the ground is very uneven, and you need maximum ground clearance. The deck’s front wheel is made of solid rubber, i.e. puncture-proof!

The cutting deck's blade tips are produced with a special profile to reduce noise and produce an excellent quality cut even on lawns.  CL 75 has a perfect weight distribution and a low centre of gravity. The result is perfect balance and makes it very easy to use!

It’s possible to use the handlebar with one hand whilst working; this allows the adjustment of the drive and engagement of reverse by a simple lever. When cutting on slopes, near trees and obstacles or if you are cutting in coppices and bushes near low branches, adjusting the grass cutter’s speed with the other hand is very useful.     

The handlebar of the CL 75 has a double adjustment device, ie. height adjustment, to meet the operators’ requirements, and lateral adjustment to make cutting easier in difficult areas such as under low positioned branches or in the presence of obstacles.

Also, under extreme conditions such as a very steep slope or uneven ground, mowing is easy thanks to the 4 ply wheels.

Best of all the CL 75’s transmission is hydrostatic – no gears. It is possible to adjust the speed progressively by means of a lever on the handlebar from 0 to 6 km/h and in reverse gear up to 3,5 km/hr.  Differential lock is also fitted for maximum traction.

The park brake enables you to keep the machine stable even on slopes. All controls are in a comfortable position including the handlebar adjusting levers.

The machine is powered by a Honda GXV340 OHV petrol engine with integrated fuel tank having 2.0L capacity. The single cylinder engine has a displacement of 337cc and features all the latest innovations, giving great reliability, low emissions, reduced consumption, high performance and vibration reduced to the minimum, The engine’s manual recoil start is easy and reliable thanks to the particular design of the camshaft, which, during start-up, opens the exhaust valve slightly. The engine is equipped with a lubrication pump allowing the machine to work on slopes without damaging the engine itself.

The CL 75 can be easily stood in a vertical position by simply placing the handlebar on the ground. Maintenance and cleaning of the cutter deck is then easily achieved. Belt tension of the cutter deck is self-adjusting; there is also a parallelogram lift system, that regulates the cutter deck’s height, and this system gives the belt and bearings longevity and reliability.


Product code: 8Y17R

Engine: Honda GXV340 OHV

Start: recoil starter

Supply fuel: Petrol

Displacement 337 cc, 1 Cylinder Air cooled

Power 8.9 HP (6.6 kW)

Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges

Fuel tank capacity: 2.1 L

Transmission: Hydrostatic

Traction: 2WD

Cutingr deck: Rear discharge with front tipping opening

Cutting configuration: 1 rotating bar with 2 shockproof floating blades

Cutting width: 750 mm

Cutting height: From 50 to 150mm continuously and rapidly adjustable by means of a crank lever

Peripheral blade speed: 74 m/s

Differential locking: Manual engaged differential lock

Drive wheels: Tractor wheels with 4 plies 4.00-8

Front wheel: 8x3.00-4 puncture-proof wheel

Speed: Continuously variable from 0 to 6 km/h, reverse gear from 0 to 3,5 km/h

Parking brake: By lever

Handlebar: By means of a rapid height and lateral adjustment of the handlebar

Mowing capacity per hour (indicative): 2500 m^2/hr

Length: 2150 mm

Width:  845 mm

Heigh:t 1050 mm

Weight: 140 kg